Some of my favorite things:

  • Watercolor Lined Flower Journal - A beautiful watercolor flower journal that any teen, or woman would be happy to see each day to write her thoughts and dreams...

a cat sitting in the grass
a cat sitting in the grass
  • Clickmagick - 9 years of innovation, billions of clicks processed, and input from thousands of users has resulted in the most powerful click tracking and conversion attribution platform that exists for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, ecommerce stores and small businesses of all types.

  • Colorful Flower Notebook - Flowers make me happy, do they make you happy too? This lined notebook might just be the thing to spark your joy each day.

  • Green Camo Field Notes Book - Is there anyone you know that hunts, fishes, or spends time outdoors? This camo field notes book might be just the thing!

  • 12 Month Budget Planner - Start saving like crazy by using this 12 Month Budget Planner, that includes quarterly checks to ensure you'll meet your 12 month goal.